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Brief Description
Target Market (Is it a clearly defined target market? Is the market large now or in the future? Is the market stable or high growth? Is the market a high priced niche?)  
Problem or Need (Problem / need is real? Fad / Short term trend? Sustainable? pain, challenge, need?)
Solution (Better, Faster, Cheaper? Brand? Quality? Efficient? Convenient? Unique? Price? Value Prop?)
Team, Board, Advisors (Industry knowledge, unique skills, leadership, key relationships, prior successes and/ or failures)
Traction (Min Viable Product? LTV / CAC? Customer ROI? Key metrics? $ Raised / Revenue? Partners?)
Competition vs. Competitive Advantages (Direct vs. indirect? Barriers to entry? Differentiation? Do simpler alternatives exist? Future obsolescence? Unfair or sustainable advantage? Patents? Partners? Key Risks?)
Revenue Model (Customers or units x $ Price, Recurring or one-time? ARPU? LTV? Ways to increase? Sales cycle? High Price vs. Volume?)
Strategy: Key Expenses / Time Efforts (Cost of Product? Improve Gross Margin? Cost & Time to Maintain Customer / Operations? CAC? Marketing Strat? Improvements?)
Financials (What's your company's Annualized Recurring Revenue? What's Gross Revenue vs. Net Revenue?  What are your Gross Margins?  What's your company's LTV/CAC? What's your company's Burn/mo & Runway? How would you articulate the path to profitability? How would you describe market penetration?)
Exit Opportunity - how will your investors make money? (Who are potential buyers? Why buy vs. build? Is there IPO? Exit Multiples? Big Enough Exit Possible?)
Investment Terms (Amount?, Pre/Post-$?, Post-$ / Revenues?, Investors?,  $committed?, Previous $ Raised & Terms?, Debt?)
Strategic Value (How We Can Help? Directly or Indirectly Strategic? Intro’s to Customers, Partners, Strategics, Investors, Employees?)
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