GMAR Local Candidate Questionnaire (Updated)

The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR) is the largest local trade association in Michigan, representing over 9,100 Realtors® from across metro Detroit.

One of GMAR's main objectives is to promote "the interests of home and other real property rights." To advance this goal, GMAR advocates for the values of the Realtor® Party at municipal and county levels of government, to protect private property rights from excessive government regulations and overreach.

The Realtor® Party, the largest nonpartisan trade association PAC in the nation, works to promote public policies and the election of candidates on both sides of the aisle that will protect and promote homeownership and property investment, build strong communities and a vibrant business environment.

GMAR proudly supports Realtor® Party initiatives through its Government Affairs programs, engaging in proactive issues advocacy, grassroots efforts, and making campaign contributions through RPAC.


All candidates must first complete the GMAR Candidate Questionnaire before being considered for an endorsement. The GMAR Candidate Endorsement Task Force will provide candidates with an opportunity to be interviewed by a panel of Realtors®, who will then deliberate and make an endorsement recommendation to the GMAR Board of Directors.

**Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes. There is not a feature to save progress and return later.**


By completing the GMAR Candidate Questionnaire, you attest that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.


If you have encountered a problem, please contact Travis Greer, GMAR's Director of Realtor® and Community Affairs at or (248) 306-0787.

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