Black Lodge Research Membership Application
Membership at Black Lodge research is open to all. Each member agrees to abide by BLR policies.

To become a member, an application form must be completed and counter-signed by two non-probationary Black Lodge Research members.

On submission of this form, the membership coordinator will contact you to meet and answer questions. Then, after payment of the first month’s membership dues, an applicant enters into a trial membership period for three months. The trial period is intended to let you see how the lodge functions and to get to know the BLR community.

Benefits of Membership:
- Allows 24/7 access to all common areas.
- Right to unlimited use of all shared tools and machinery.
- Voting rights on all Black Lodge policies, group decisions and elections.
- Ability to run for positions during elections.
- Being recognized as a super awesome supporter.
- Want to support the ideals that Black Lodge Research represents (Education, Fun, Technology Research, Community)

Probationary Period:
A probationary period of three months is imposed in order to allow a new member to experience the space as well as allow the current member base to get to know a prospective member.

During this time period, the expectation is that the probationary member is active within Black Lodge Research.
Probationary Access:
Access granted to all public space and tools. Prior to access being granted, a probationary member must sign a release of liability and participate in a basic shop safety course.

Probationary Restrictions:
No Voting rights.
No Ability to request server rack space.
No Access Card.

What Happens after the trial period?
After the 3 months, a probationary member may ask for full membership status, which includes voting rights and a keycard granting access to the space. Please note that promotion to full membership is not automatic and the trial period can be extended. The Board of Directors will make final determination on membership. In some cases, the Board may shorten the probationary period.

Privacy Policy
When you sign up for membership at Black Lodge Research, we ask for limited personal data (name, email address, phone number). This data is collected for the sole purpose of internal record keeping and membership dues collection.

Black Lodge Research does not sell, distribute, lease, or allow third parties access to any collected personal information. We take measures to ensure this data is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration.

Form submission
Please read and fill out the form below, have it countersigned by 2 current non-probationary members, then turn it into the treasurer or email a scanned copy to

Membership Fees
Membership Fees are paid through automatic recurring payments via Paypal. Member dues may be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Monthy: $50
Quarterly: $150
Yearly: $600

Black Lodge Research Guidelines

The following are policies to which Black Lodge Research members must adhere.

- Refrain from actions that cause harm to the state or reputation of Black Lodge Research.
- No one under 18 is allowed access to the lodge without parent or guardian accompaniment.
- You are held responsible for actions taken or damages caused by yourself or your guests.
- We are all responsible for the equipment at the Hackerspace staying in working order.
- Return all materials to proper locations after use.
- Report breakages or accidents immediately to
- Wheaton’s Law is in full effect, “don’t be a dick”.

- The Black Lodge Research is a non-smoking space.
- Keep the space is good condition, clean up any mess made, and if the trash is full, take it out.
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