EdmodoCon 2018 Presentation Proposal
Thank you for your interest in sharing your Edmodo love at EdmodoCon 2018! We are looking for speakers to present on their experiences with Edmodo or participate in a panel discussion. The deadline to submit this application is May 1st, 2018.

We are looking for material that includes direct anecdotal evidence where you have shown that you are "Supporting Teacher Success" through your PLC, coaching, or social interactions on Edmodo!

Please read through this application in its entirety to understand the requirements. If you're selected as a speaker, you'll be notified via email by the beginning/middle of June.

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Presentation Information
Please fill in the information about your proposed presentation below. Note: you may submit more than one proposal if you have multiple ideas. However, if selected, we will only take one of your proposals.

Keep in mind Supporting Teacher Success

Remember to include an anecdotal piece where you reference a direct interaction with students, teachers, admins or parents.

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What is your story and how has it impacted your classroom, school, or district? Please be specific, brief, and use examples.
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Leave With a Plan *
We’d like every presenter to leave attendees with an “action plan.” Please share the top three things teachers would need to do or consider in order to implement the new ideas they learn from your presentation.
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Who will most benefit from watching your session? (Teachers, admins, parents, students, etc)
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How will educators benefit from your session? *
Please be specific about what skills, tools, or content knowledge they will gain.
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Will you include student artifacts and/or experiences? *
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Submit a video *
Submit the link to a video that's two minutes or less. It should show you presenting on Edmodo and it should summarize the following: 1) Edmodo Use: What use of Edmodo do you want to share at EdmodoCon? 2) Why Edmodo: Why should other educators use Edmodo in this way?
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We love to show off our finalists' videos! Do we have your permission to share your video on social media? *
Would you be interested in organizing a student-led video to air at EdmodoCon? *
We will follow up with more details if you express interest.
Logistics Information
Are you able and willing to travel to San Mateo, CA, for the full day on August 7, 2018? *
The airfare and hotel will be covered by Edmodo. Travel days would be August 4 - August 5. August 6th is mandatory rehearsal and August 7 is EdmodoCon.
What is your experience with presenting?
If you have presented at a conference or run a professional development seminar, please tell us where and what you presented. Please include links to video/slides if you have them.
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Are you comfortable presenting on camera? *
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