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Soloists from last season may choose to perform their same solo this season if they would like as well as re-use your costume. If you would like to keep your same solo please indicate below:
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If auditioning for a NEW solo please choose the style below that you are most interested in: Remember you must be enrolled in a class of the same style in order to perform a solo in that style.
Please read and sign below: Technique, Lyrical and Jazz are required for all SSDC members. An SSDC member must be enrolled in Acro Class to perform ANY Acro skills in ANY dances. Dancer's that are chosen to perform solos or other additional dances must be enrolled and participate in the same genre of dance . Example: A Hip Hop soloist must be enrolled in Hip Hop class. Audition Scores and Technical Ability will determine placement and ability to perform additional dances. SSDC Members and Parents must sign Contracts in June and Policies upon registration. Audition Fees $125 are due to Step South Dance no later than June 3, 2021. Dancers must be registered with Step South Dance prior to auditions. Choreography Classes begin the week of August 9th and first months tuition will be due by August 10th. Please type your name (Parent/Guardian) below in full that you agree to the policies above. *
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