Living Waters Chaplain Program 2019
Many young people and adults make their way to the Ozarks and the Little Niangua River to get away. They want to get away from home, from work, from pressures, from the city. They find a peaceful place where their minds are allowed to be free for some hours on the river. It becomes a great time to consider their relationship with God.

Your role in this weekend experience would be to serve as a focal point for counsel or spiritual questions that someone may wish to pursue. You would come alongside the Outdoor Adventure Leadership team to enhance the spiritual experience of the weekend for guests of Living Waters. You would simply make yourself available.

The program will run from May 17, 2019 to September 2. 2019

The summer internship program is divided into 6 ten-day sessions (with breaks over the holidays). Each of these sessions has a theme for the interns. You may or may not choose to follow the theme for that particular session.

On a typical weekend, you would arrive Friday night by 9:00 pm (3.5 hours from Kansas City). If you can't make it down on Friday then we would want you to arrive by 8:30 am. The buses will be heading to the river between 9 and 10:30. You will canoe or kayak the 8.9 miles of the Big Niangua for 4 hours, enjoying a river lunch along the way.

You will be responsible for two group activities

Saturday evening campfire

On the weekend of your chaplaincy, we are asking you to provide some informal leadership to a campfire time on Saturday evening. This will probably include 15-20 minutes of worship led by music, some sharing from Scripture, sharing experiences, storytelling, etc. You have complete freedom to use whatever means to make this a meaningful spiritual time.

Sunday morning worship

You are being asked to provide a time of worship. Typically, the time should be 20-30 minutes. It depends on the weather and the attention span of those attending the chapel with you. You will have a wide variety of participants. You are encouraged to speak your conscience and heart but it is not the place to be offensive.


By participating in the chaplaincy program, you would be given a free weekend on the river. This would include meals, lodging and the river experience. This would be for the pastor, his family and the worship leader he selects and his family.

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