Black in AI 2019 Travel Grant Application
Limited funding is available to support the travel of students to attend Black in AI 2019. To help in completing the applications, you can view the complete questions at

Participants do not need to submit a paper in order to be considered for a travel grant. The travel grant can be used for covering costs associated with the workshop such as NeurlPS registration, accommodation and travel. Please note that the travel grants may not cover all of your costs and we may not be able to award them to all applicants. The amount of money we award to each person will depend on the number of applicants and the location each applicant will be traveling from. Please submit your travel grant application by 5:00 PM EST, October 28, 2019

Please read the code of conduct before filling out this application. Black in AI supports black people from all around the world.Please make sure to fill out this application as accurately and truthfully as possible.
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