Conflict Transformation and Personality Styles
*Sponsored by the DC Peace Team
Saturday, Oct. 6th, 2-5pm
Location: George Washington University, Rome Hall 205 at 801 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Description: Attendees participate in both large-group interactive lecture and small group activity to learn about different personality /communication styles. During the large group lecture they will take a brief personality inventory (based on the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator) after which will reveal their respective dominant personality styles. The styles serve as the basis for our preferred communication delivery which is the foundation for most conflict. Attendees will then work in personality groups to complete a peacemaking task to be shared with the larger group. Different perspectives on healthy engagement of conflict based on the styles will be shared and discussed with the larger group.

1) Teach attendees about the four basic personality/communication styles and complete a brief personality inventory to determine their own style.
2) Enable attendees to identify others' styles.
3) Create an understanding of adjusting one's personality/communication style when conflict is emerging.
4) Give attendees an opportunity to negotiate in a small group peacemaking activity.
5) Attendees will reflect on their interactions as a precursor to conflict transformation and peacemaking techniques used in various settings.

Requested payment is a sliding scale for what you are able to offer from $20-$45, but it is not mandatory because no one will be turned away for being unable to pay. You can pay cash at the event or by check. If check, write it out to DC Peace Team and mail to Eli McCarthy, 6509 41st Avenue, University Park, MD 20782.

This training is provided by the DC Peace Team, which empowers ordinary civilians to increasingly serve their communities particularly as nonviolent peacekeepers, and by extension as peacemakers and peacebuilders. The DC Peace Team lives this mission by: deploying unarmed civilian protection units, providing training in various nonviolent skills, offering peace education for children and adults, and facilitating dialogues and restorative justice approaches

For more information about the DC Peace Team, please visit our website at

For questions, contact Eli McCarthy at


Sal Corbin offers training in Active Bystander Intervention and conflict mediation. He has worked for 15 years in academia as a Psychology Professor before transitioning to nonprofit work. He has done Workforce Development training and program management and is currently a Training Specialist for Friendship Place and a Mediation Coordinator for Community Mediation DC. His vision is to help others build and maintain healthy relationships, with conflict transformation as the primary focus. His extensive background in leadership facilitation supports his efforts to keep showing up and sharing.

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