GB East Class of 1999--Input and Contact Information regarding 20th Class Reunion
Can you believe it has been 20 years already?! Neither can we. This is our effort to gather contact information as we prepare for our 20 year high school reunion. I (Elizabeth Searles-Mineau) promise I will not use your information for anything other than contacting you regarding information to this up coming event. Should you like to participate and have your opinion voiced, please fill out the information requested below. Please note we are offering two events (a family event during the day and an adult-only event that same night). You have the option to participate in one or both. Cost of the family event will be your responsibility. The adult only event will have some sort of charge PER PERSON.
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4. Best way to inform you of updates, planning information, and rolling out final details and dates. *
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6. What type of family friendly event would interest you? Reminder this event will be at your own expense and on the same day as the adult-only event. *
7. What type of adult-only event/venue are you interested in? This will be on the same evening as the family event and will incur a PER PERSON charge to be determined. *
8. During the adult only event, what extra entertainment would you want included? *
9. What is your price point for the ADULT-only event PER PERSON? Drinks would not be included in this price. This would cover the venue, food, entertainment, etc. *
10. What would be the ideal time of year? These dates will be determined by the survey results from above and what venue options are available. *
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