Blackstone Designs Tester Application
Name & Business Name
What's your email address or link to Facebook page?
How long have you been crocheting?
What is your crochet skill level
Make an 11 dc x 6 r swatch using WW yarn and an H/8/5.0mm hook.
What is your final measurement of the swatch?
Watch this video and answer whether you are a yanker, rider, or lifter:
Have you been a tester before?
Have you ever pulled out of a test or been late finishing? If yes, why?
This does not necessarily disqualify you.
List up to 3 references/designers you have tested for:
What is your favorite thing to crochet?
Clothes, Accessories, Toys...etc
Are you good at taking pictures?
Do you have access to models of all ages?
By checking this box I understand that I will be asked to fill out a confidentiality agreement upon acceptance as a tester.
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