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Do I have my current 3 Quarterly Strategic Priorities visible to my team? *
Are my 3 Quarterly Strategic Priorities being worked consistently? *
Do I have a documented Core Purpose that everyone knows and understands? *
Do I have Core Values that are alive in my business, meaning my entire team knows them and refers to them at least weekly? *
Am I working ON my business at least 2 hours each week? *
Do I have an Expense Budget that I check and assess every month? *
Does every member of my team know what the 1-2 most important things are for their current position? *
If I had to do it over again today, would I enthusiastically rehire every member of my team?
Do I have a written "Playbook" where processes are documented and that everyone can access? *
Are all processes being consistently implemented throughout my business? *
Am I achieving my target Profit Margin? *
Do I have a process to recognize every member of my team at least once every 7 days? *
Is my business achieving its full potential? *
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My Revenue in 2018 was *
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If I could wave a magic wand and fix any problem/achieve any goal in my business, it would be...
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