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Beyond Pinks, in partnership with NHRD is studying the impact of Covid-19 at the workplace.

Your participation is pivotal in determining the current impact and future of workplace. Please take the 5 minute survey and encourage your colleagues to participate as well. Your voice matters!

For every completed survey, Beyond Pinks will contribute ₹10 towards education of the girl child.
1. Your Gender *
2. Your age group *
3. Your work experience in the current organization *
4. Which Industry does your organization operate in? *
5. I am satisfied with the way my organization has responded to the COVID-19 situation. *
6. My manager & leadership team care about my health and safety. *
7. My job security is a major cause of anxiety for me. *
8. I have confidence in my organization’s ability to overcome the challenge faced by COVID-19 *
9. I have concerns about losing my job. *
10. I am facing financial challenges related to pay cut, delay in salary, unpaid leave during the pandemic. *
11. My organization has done a good job to support my transition to remote work *
12. I am provided with updates on business continuity plans and internal communication regularly. *
13. I am being provided with various mediums or channels to share any concerns regarding Covid-19 and its impact. *
14. My organization has reduced my work hours and/or provided flexi working hours or split shifts. *
15. I am being provided with all the technical support tools that I needed for doing my job while working from home. *
16. I feel that I am more productive working from home as compared to my normal working environment. *
17. To support mental health concerns, workshops or other mechanisms were provided by my organization. *
18. Privacy / space is a major concern for me while working from home. *
19. I have adapted myself completely to the new work place normal that will enable my organization to operate even better in the future. *
20. I am unable to maintain my work-life balance during the pandemic. *
21. I will be comfortable working from home / remotely, even after the pandemic gets over. *
22. I feel highly connected to my team even as we work remotely. *
23. I have the right amount of virtual contact with my colleagues on a regular basis. *
24. I have the materials and equipment I need to perform effectively at home / remotely. *
25. I am able to participate in business activities, tasks and projects and stay connected to my clients without any issues. *
26. I feel anxious about the future of my organization. *
27. I have regular, productive 1-on-1 sessions with my manager during the Pandemic. *
28. My organization welcomes new methods of working and communicating to improve team productivity *
29. My family life was impacted and I could not manage my work from home as efficiently as I did from my office. *
30. I am okay with taking a pay cut to work from home / remotely permanently *
31. I will be okay if my organization's management decides to ask me to continue working from home / remotely permanently. *
32. I feel connected to my organization and colleagues outside my team. *
33. What are your top concerns or suggestions (if any) that you'd like us to consider to get through the COVID-19 situation? Any additional help that you need from the management?
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