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‘Who are the People in our Neighborhood?’ is a grant funded* project with the goal to create 6 portraits of people who are long-standing residents of the Old North End (ONE)**. The residents whose portraits will be created are people whose contributions are known in the ONE, but may be small and mighty, and/or less visible. This project seeks to celebrate those who are known for their contributions and to uplift the less known people who contribute to the fabric of our community. Please consider your neighbors of all ages.
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Nominees must meet the following criteria:
They must have lived in the ONE for a minimum of a decade,
Their immediate actions show connection and are in relationship to their neighbors/neighborhood,
They exemplify ONE values of being a good neighbor, going an extra mile, and their actions embody values of: inclusion, caring, and recognizing and utilizing cooperative/ mutual aid,
They show persistence in working to meet the needs of the people in the community,
They see the needs of the community and work to build something in those spaces,
Their actions build strengthen the community,
They are willing to be nominated,
And, they do not necessarily receive public recognition and accolades for their work.

Once the nominations are in, we will contact nominees to follow up. Please have all nominations in by midnight on Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

*Thanks to the BCA Community Art Grant for funding this project

** For the purposes of this project, the ONE is defined as: The north side of Pearl St (south), to Manhattan Drive (north), to Willard St. (east), to Lakeview Terrace (west).

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Please contact: one.neighborhood.mural@gmail.com for more information
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