Reactathon San Francisco 2020 Diversity & Inclusivity Scholarship
Reactathon is committed to assisting underrepresented minorities who want to attend our conference.
We steadfastly believe in the value of having a wide variety of people attend.
We know that for many, expensive conferences can be difficult to afford, which is why it is our goal is to assist as many folks as possible with discounted or free scholarship tickets to Reactathon 2020!

TIP: The best scholarship applications are those that give concise but specific responses to essay questions!

We won't share anything you tell us with anyone without your consent.

There are 2 kinds of scholarships:

Free Ticket
• Receive a free ticket to the conference on March 30 - 31.

Discounted Ticket
• Receive a discounted ticket to attend the conference on March 30 - 31.

• Must be actively job-seeking, studying, or working in software development or a related field
• The conference is located in San Francisco, USA. Respondents are responsible for transportation and accommodation, if necessary
• Must agree to accept and abide by the code of conduct. Please give it a read through:

Important Dates:
• Application Deadline: March 1, 2020
• Selection & Notification: By March 10, 2020
• Reactathon: March 30 - 31, 2020
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Will your company pay for your ticket if you do not win a scholarship? What about travel expenses?
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What do you hope to experience or learn about at Reactathon? Please be specific about how attending will benefit your career or community.
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