Event Partner Application 2019
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If you are selected to host an AIA event for the 2019 indoor season, do you agree to work with all AIA Staff and abide by the Contest Handbook as well as the AIA Rules and Regulations? *
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Is your organization a member in good standing? (no outstanding debts to AIA and were an active member in 2018) *
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Will you be selling advance tickets? *
Are you set up to accept credit/debit cards? *
If YES, which cards? *
Will you accept personal checks? *
Will you accept Booster Organization Checks? *
If YES to accepting checks, to whom do the check need to be written? *
Preferred Airport *
How far is the preferred airport to the contest venue ? *
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How far is the airport to the contest venue? *
Are you prepared to assist with judge's transportation? *
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Competition Chairperson *
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Measurement from side wall to side wall (horizontally) *
Measurement from front row of bleachers to back sideline bleachers. (vertically) *
Number of rows on Spectator side of bleachers: *
Spectator Seating total Capacity (minus judge's areas and other areas taped off and not usable for spectators) *
Will backside bleachers need to be closed to achieve the 70' front to back (vertical) distance for performance area and safety zone ? *
Number of rows on Backside of bleachers available for seating after performance area and safety zone is achieved. *
Backside seating total Capacity (minus areas taped off for sound or safety zone requirements) *
Approximate Ceiling Height *
Any permanent obstructions above the performance floor (immovable hoops, lights, scoreboard, etc?) *
Are the any stairways to contend with in the flow of traffic? *
Is there any outside travel required for percussion or guard?
If YES, please explain in detail where they are located and how they will affect the flow of traffic in your competition site. *
Separate entry & exit doors for Spectators? *
Is the performance entry door separate from the performance exit door? *
If NO, please explain how you enter and exit the performance floor without cross traffic. *
Is there adequate interior storage space for floors and props prior to performance ?? *
If NO, please explain. *
Will there be a need to travel outside during guard rotation ? *
If YES, Please explain. *
Do you enter the Competition Area directly from outdoors? *
Performance Entry Door Width *
Is there a center bar? *
Can it be removed for the event? *
Do you exit the Competition Area directly to outdoors? *
Performance Exit Door Width *
Is there a center bar at exit? *
Can it be removed for the event? 2 *
Where is electrical power located in your performance area? *
What indoor space is available to stage equipment, floors, props, etc. prior to the competition? *
Is there INDOOR space available to fold floors at the conclusion of a group's performance? *
Picture of Performance Floor from Bleachers *
Picture of Performance Floor from CENTER of floor looking up toward judges area. *
Misc. Photo of performance area. *
What type of area do you have available for body warm up (wrestling room, band room, split gym, chorus room, etc.) *
Are there separate warm up areas for body and equipment? *
Length of body warm up area: *
Width of body warm up area: *
Are there any obstructions in the body warm up area? *
If YES, please explain: *
Can sound from the body warm up area be heard in the competition area? *
Distance from Body to Equipment warm up areas: *
What type of area do you have available for equipment warm up (gym, auditorium, commons area, etc.) *
Length of Equipment Warm up Area: *
Width of Equipment Warm up Area: *
Approximate Ceiling Height (VERY IMPORTANT) *
Any obstructions IN or ABOVE the area? (gym equipment, pillars, immovable hoops?) *
If YES, please explain: *
Can any sound in the Equipment Warm up area be heard in the Competition Area? *
Distance to Competition Area from Equipment Warm Up. *
Picture of Body Warm Up Area *
Picture of Equipment Warm Up Area *
Misc. Additional Photo *
Does your facility have a parking fee? *
If YES, Price: *
Do you have 4 SEPARATE circuits for power? (not just four outlets as these MUST be separate circuits) (two at the front and two at the back. Performers will use two and sound/announcing will use two) Please verify with an electrician prior to submitting your application. *
Do you have a separate, private room with non-concession food for Judges? *
Are there adequate separate male/female dressing areas for participants? *
Is there adequate parking space available for spectators and participants? (cars, buses, equipment trucks, trailers, etc) *
Is there adequate area for Booster tables and AIA merchandise? *
Will you provide FIRST AID? *
Any additional comments: *
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