Electric Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump
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Storage and Installation procedure as outlined in the submittal and IOM Manual have been followed.
Contractor has informed Fluid Solutions LLC of any noted damage occurred during shipment, storage, or installation including inspection inside controllers for mechanical damage.
Contractor has anchored and grouted the fire pump base as required.
Contractor has completed all piping connections to pump, test header,suction, and discharge.
Contractor has installed the fire pump accessories including: automatic air release valve, suction & discharge gauges, and casing relief valves with discharge piped to drain.
Contractor has piped the stuffing box drains.
Contractor has installed the jockey pump, jockey pump controller, andjockey pump relief valve.
Contractor has correctly installed vortex plates and suction piping (if supply is from a tank)
Confirm all the valves on suction supply have been opened fully the day of the test.
Contractor has connected power to the fire pump & jockey pump controllers and confirmed correct power is available.
Contractor electrician has wired the fire pump motor to the fire pump controller.
Contractor has filled fire water tank to appropriate level with clean water.(if it is fed from a water tank)
Contractor has installed all loose shipped items including but not limited gauges, air relief valve, Flowmeter, hose valve test headers etc .
Contractor has completed all Fire Alarm interconnections to the Controller. Fire pump will not be left in service if it is not constantly monitored by the fire alarm panel.
Contractor will not allow anyone to operate the system until approved by Pump Representative.
Contractor will have electrician and installer representative available the morning of scheduled start up.
The Sprinkler System is complete and ready to be put into service.
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