Cloud middleware issues in 2018-2020
Please share your opinion on which are the challenges to be confronted with in 2018-2020 and beyond.

Several visions about the future are cited.
Please think about if their topics are tackled now, in the next years (2016-2017), in near future (2018-2020) or beyond.

The questions are organised in four categories (4 pages) :

1. Cloudware
2. Cloud model evolution
3. Datacentre
4. Market orientation.

Each category has associated seven or eight vision descriptions and corresponding mandatory questions.

Comments should be put to 'Other' (to be use also when you do not agree).

This questionnaire is an intitiave of the cluster of projects mentioned at

Note that the topics of security, software engineering and multi-clouds/federations of clouds are not included in this questionnaire.

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