Performance Request - Larkin High School Jazz Combo
Please complete the form below to request a performance by the Larkin High School Royal Ambassador Jazz Combo from School District U-46. Include as much detail as possible so that we can accurately determine if we can accommodate your request.
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What time can the students begin to load in and setup?
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Describe/identify where the students should park their vehicles.
Describe the performance space. Please include approximate dimensions and location. Please note that they will need access to power outlets. Extension cables can be brought.
Define the attire for the students.
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We ask that in return for these services, you consider a donation to the program. Please indicate if/how you'd like to contribute.
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Considering the previous question, please indicate the amount you can allocate for these services. As a reference point, an hour of music for a professional jazz trio typically costs around $225. The Larkin Royal Ambassadors are a group of 6 high school musicians from the Visual and Performing Arts Academy.
Please provide the name and contact information (email, phone) for the individual in charge of logistics at this event. This will help the students if they have any day-of questions.
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