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We welcome festival participants to share their NON TALENT or TALENT with other festival participants around the globe
“Art is to the spirit what food is to the body. A necessity without which it cannot renew itself. The life and essence of art- whether it be painting, music, or dance-- lies in expressing, through emotion, the universal realm of the human spirit. It is a melding of the individual and the universal. That is why art reaches out beyond ethnic and national barriers to move people all over the world." -Daisaku Ikeda
The Non Talent show is a one hour show, followed by a one hour LIVE MUSIC PARTY !! Participants are welcome to register with a creative piece they would like to share with other festival participants around the globe. All you need is to register and show up, and later on show up in the Non Talent show!
Which of the 2 Non Talent shows on the Festival you are wishing to preform at ? *
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How would you like our host to introduce you on the show, before calling you to the online stage ? (What would you like the world to know about you in one line ? Name ? country ? other fun detail that they could mention ?) *
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In case of Other, what kind of performance are you planing ?
We limit each performance to 4 minutes (or less) please confirm you know this, and that you'll make your best to keep this time
Thank you for registering to the Non Talent Show :)
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