Torquay Elementary PAC Survey
Torquay PAC would like some feedback from parents and caregivers on the coming school year.
Would you like to receive communication directly from PAC regarding PAC events or to connect with families in your child's class? If so, please enter your email address and which class your child is in.
Would you use private group chat app or tool to connect with other families? Please note that this would be managed by Torquay PAC and have no affiliation with SD61.
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Which apps or tools would you mostly likely use to connect with other Torquay families?
How do you think we can facilitate connections between parents, children and families?
What would you like to see the PAC offer this year in lieu of in-person social events?
How can we as the PAC support you as a parent or caregiver?
Would you be interested in online parent education workshops?
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What topics for an online parent education workshop would you be interested in?
Please let us know if you have any other comments, questions or suggestions.
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