CS50 Teacher Scholarship Application
Please complete this survey by December 31, 2017.

Thank you so much for your interest in teaching CS50 AP at your secondary school. Microsoft is thrilled to support Harvard's Division of Continuing Education in its offer to provide scholarships for this unique educator development opportunity. Please complete the following survey to be considered for tuition support.

Microsoft encourages educators outside the US and those US educators whose schools do not offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses to apply provided these educators meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

Space in this program is limited, so we can only make this opportunity available to those that meet every one of the following requirements. If you do not, keep in touch as we will be working to bring this material to a wider audience over time.

Educator Eligibility Requirements:

(a) Both the educator and his/her students must speak and write English proficiently.

(b) The educator commits to completing the course in its entirety. This will require 8-20 hours per week from January 22, 2018 to May 12, 2018. A copy of the course's syllabus, subject to change, is available at https://docs.cs50.net/2018/spring/syllabus/cscie50.html.

(c) The educator commits to being an active participant in the course community, as well as an active member of the CS50 AP Educator community after completing the course.

(d) The educator has prior experience teaching secondary school students for a minimum of one (1) complete school year.

(e) The educator commits to enrolling in the class(es) for Graduate credit and agrees to permit data to be shared about their grades in the course with Microsoft.

The educator's school administrators and IT staff need also commit to the following (Technical Commitments):

(1) Offering CS50 AP in the 2019-20 school year (36 weeks with approximately 180 in-class minutes per week), with at least 10 registered students.

(2) Providing students unrestricted access to CS50's online resources including: an online development environment, submission platform, Slack channel, Stack Exchange forum, subreddit, YouTube videos and more.

(3) Supporting a fully maintained and configured computer lab with appropriate internet bandwidth (or support for devices for schools with a BYOD policy).

Please complete the following for consideration for this scholarship opportunity. If you have any questions, please direct them to the CS50 AP team at ap@cs50.harvard.edu.

I certify that I meet all of the Educator Eligibility Requirements and agree to the Technical Commitments. *
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