Workspace Residency Application | Summer 2019
Please fill out the following form to apply for the Summer 2019 session of Squeaky Wheel's Workspace Residency.

An overview containing an overview of the application process and residency, including the list of questions and guides on how applications are rated, can be found here:

Application deadline: February 16, 2019 11:59pm.
Notification Date: May 1, 2019
Summer 2019 Residency Dates: August 3–25, 2019
Stipend: $1000 stipend + $250 artist/presentation fees + accommodations and travel support for National Residents. Selected Silo City Resident will also receive a $300 public performance fee.

Applications that are incomplete, including inaccessible work samples, will be disqualified.

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Workspace Residency: Biographical and Demographic Information
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Workspace Residency: Project Information
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Max. 100 words. Your biography should speak to your work, interests, and previous accomplishments.
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Max. 300 words. Your project description should include the technology (media) that your work will utilize in its making and eventual presentation, what the work is about (content), how your project speaks to it (form), the histories and/or communities your work engages with, and and why you are making it.For Researcher residents, please note the topic which you are addressing, as well as in what form that research will culminate in (curatorial proposition, writing, and so on.) For Silo City residents, please note how your project will utilize the uniqueness of the Silo City site. If this is the first time writing such a description about your project, we encourage you to treat this as a moment for you to learn about your own work. We recommend writing clearly, avoiding jargon when possible, and explaining ideas you are addressing.
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How do you anticipate utilizing your time at Squeaky Wheel's residency? *
Max. 100 words. We expect residents to work approximately 25-30 hours per week on their projects. Please note how you tentatively plan to utilize your time.
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What stage is your proposed project currently in? *
Select one: Pre-production, Production, or Post-Production. For Researcher residents, you may approximate this language based on your work.
Please provide a proposal describing the focus and goals of your workshop, master class, or seminar. *
Max. 100 words. As part of the residency activities, residents will lead a workshop, seminar, or master class for youth or adults. Skill-based artistic workshops, seminars with a clear thesis, and proposals that speak to who the potential students are have seen the most immediate success with our juries.
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Why are you applying for this residency? *
Max. 100 words. We recognize that time, support, and resources are of the essence for most applicants; however we encourage applicants to tell us what attracted you about Squeaky Wheel’s facilities, resources, history and/or communities to apply to this residency, and how it may help facilitate your work and career. For NATIONAL applicants, you may also speak to the histories and communities in Buffalo specifically that are attracting you to apply to the residency.
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Provide links to portfolios, videos, or other online examples of your work. Provide passwords for password-protected sites. *
IMPORTANT: Please ensure all links work and that work samples are available to view online through May 1, 2019. Please double check your links in several browsers to make sure they work, and that they are accessible until the noted date in the application form. We recommend opening links in a private browser window to be certain. Please direct us or note specific examples of work you would like the jury to examine when possible (rather than full websites.) Work samples should speak to your skill, interests, and should be able to speak to the quality of your work in reference to your proposed project as much as possible.
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Which Workspace facilities do you realistically anticipate using? Check all that apply. *
Referring to the equipment list in the application instructions, please list the equipment available at Squeaky Wheel and our partners that you foresee using during your residency. *
Equipment requests are subject to availability. Please refer to the Workspace Overview document for an updated list. Note where the facilities and equipment you foresee using is located. Ex: “Squeaky Wheel: Canon 5D Mark III. Buffalo Game Space: Virtual Reality Headsets”, etc.)
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Provide names, email addresses, and phone numbers of two (2) references OR a resumé OR a CV *
References should be able to speak to your ability to finish work in a timely manner. References cannot be Squeaky Wheel staff or board members. If a reference poses a conflict of interest with a jury member, that jury member will recuse themselves from the process. Alternately, you can provide a CV or resumé.
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