RETRONUKE Game Dev Interview Form
Thanks so much for participating in our interview! Once you have filled out the interview questions, please send an email to to finalize. If you have images of your team, your studio logo, and screenshots of your current project, please send those along as well. Thanks again!
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What is the name of your studio?
How did your team come together?
Tell us a little bit about your studio, where you are from, and how the team formed.
How many games have you worked on so far?
What's the name of your current indie game project?
Can you tell us a little bit about the gameplay and its story?
What inspired the art direction for your current project?
What retro game music inspired your game?
A games music is such a crucial aspect of its experience. Tell us a bit more about it
Which game development tools are you using?
Do you have any other software recommendations for indie devs?
Which retro games inspired you to become indie game developers?
What is the most rewarding aspect of being an indie dev?
What indie games are you playing now?
Which indie games are you excited for this year?
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