Stanford Faculty for Justice in Palestine
Please fill in the information below if you would like to sign onto the Stanford FJP statement and/or officially join Stanford FJP. Even if you have already signed the statement and/or received emails from FJP but have not yet signed this form, we ask you to fill it out as it includes a confidentiality pledge and other important commitments we ask of all members.

We define ‘faculty’ broadly to refer to those involved in making education available at Stanford, including both tenure and non-tenure track faculty, lecturers, postdocs and staff.

Any information you submit will not be shared beyond the FJP membership/onboarding committee and core working groups leads/members. 
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We have FJP members who do not wish their identities revealed, and we have others who are part of student organizations who likewise do not want any identifying information shared in any way. Some of the information exchanged, particularly about planned actions and our work with the students, should also be held under strict confidentiality. In order to join FJP, we ask you to pledge complete confidentiality.
As FJP, we require every member to endorse the principles of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS): 
Please briefly describe previous community or activist work have you done in the past. If you know current members of Stanford FJP, please include their name(s) below as part of the verification process. *
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