Grievance Gulch Writer Sign Up Sheet
Welcome, pardner! Want to help us write an animated series and rocket yourself into the stratosphere of comedy writing accomplishment? Hell yeah you do. This here's the sign up sheet.

Writers on this show will have a choice between up front payment or points. Neither is likely to make you rich BUT we will pay you for your time.

NOTE: Being a writer on this project will mean more than just writing. We will be crowdfunding this show which means you need to be an enthusiastic promoter on all socials.

The marketing team will help you with all the tools you need. We will make it as easy as copy and paste. But you will have to be the one to click *post*.

Email address *
What is your name, as you'd like to be credited on IMDB, etc.? You can, of course, use a nom de plume here.
Do we know you by some other name, e.g. on Discord or Twitch? (Just help us connect the dots here)
Why should we consider you? (Note: We want to consider you)
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