STEM iPad Insurance Claim Form 2020-2021
Please enter information accurately and carefully for the insurance to cover the repair cost for the iPad. Fill out form below and drop off iPad at STEM between 8am-3pm any school day, except Wednesdays.
Please sign-out in settings; repairs cannot be completed if signed-in. *
Please remove your case. Cases must be removed. *
Is there something taped to the back of my iPad with my name? *
First name of student *
Last name of student *
iPad Model *
Located on sticker on back
Serial Number *
Listed in Settings>General>About or on sticker on the back, it will start with EQC
Repair issue *
Please check all that apply
What was the date when the damage occured? *
Please describe in detail what happened to your iPad? (The insurance company requires explanation of at least 100 words) "I'm not sure" is not a good description. *
Please give a good number or email to contact when device is repaired and ready for pick-up. (Usually 3 week turn-around) *
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