Cleaning the West Coast with Jack Johnson’s All At Once Community
All event participants must fill in this form to register as a volunteer for the West Coast Clean-up with All At Once on Saturday 9 December 2017. Details entered here will be kept confidential.
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Health and Safety Disclosure Acknowledgement
Please ensure that you read, understand and accept the information below before attending an event coordinated by The Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust (hereinafter referred to as Sustainable Coastlines).

Our events are held outdoors and you may be exposed to risks during the course of the event including, (but not limited to): exposure to the elements, risks associated with boating, kayaking, walking on uneven surfaces including shorelines and rocks, driving off-road, walking on roads with vehicles constituting a hazard, collecting or handling rubbish (potential sharp objects, hygiene, sickness or other health-related risks).

I understand that there are risks involved in the activities I will be undertaking. I also understand that an unpredictable or uncontrollable event may occur that could possibly cause me serious harm or even death.

I acknowledge that Sustainable Coastlines will take all reasonable and practicable steps to keep me safe while I am involved in these activities. However, I accept full responsibility for my own actions or inactions. In the case of an emergency I authorise Sustainable Coastlines to consent, should it not possible to communicate with me, to receiving such medical or surgical treatment as deemed necessary.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby waive any rights I may have to take legal action against Sustainable Coastlines, other participating organisations, sponsors (including the directors, officers, trustees and employees of all of the organisations listed above) and all other event participants with respect to any personal injury or property damage whether arising from negligence or otherwise, as a result of participation in an event run by Sustainable Coastlines.

I furthermore express that it is not my intention that my estate should take any legal action against any of the organisations listed above (or any of their directors, officers, trustees and employees) should I lose my life during the course of this event or due to something caused by my participation in this event.

I permit that Sustainable Coastlines may use, own and distribute any photos and/or footage taken during the course of the event, for publicity, advertising, sale and distribution in perpetuity.

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