Survey for RC Priests' Children
Please fill in this form if you are the child of a Catholic Priest and would like to take part in my research. All information will remain completely anonymous and your participation in the research can be terminated at any point.
Are you the child of a Roman Catholic priest?
Do you have contact with your father?
Do you use social media to keep in touch with other priests' children?
If so please describe what the social media is that you use:
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Is there anything else you would like to say about being the child of an RC priest?
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Would you be happy for me to contact you to do a longer interview (about an hour) about your experiences of being the child of a priest? All information you give me will be kept completely anonymous and you will have the option of terminating your involvement with the research at any point.
If yes, you would be happy to be interviewed, please leave your email address here so I can contact you:
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