CROSS exchange institutional part application form
CROSS exchange機関パートナー募集フォーム / CROSS exchange기관 파트너 응모 양식 / CROSS exchange机构部分申请表
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If you do not have a CROSS exchange account, you can not apply for an institution partner *
CROSS exchangeのアカウント持っていない場合、機関パートナーへ申し込みはできません。/CROSS exchange계좌가 없으면 기관 파트너를 신청할 수 없습니다/如果您没有CROSS exchange账户,则无法申请机构合作伙伴
E-mail address registered or Scheduled registration in CROSS exchange *
CROSS exchangeに登録済みまたは予定のメールアドレス/CROSS 교환기에 등록 된 전자 메일 주소 또는 예정된 등록/在CROSS交换中注册或预定注册的电子邮件地址
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Company name
会社名 / 회사 이름 / 公司名
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Please tell me the URL of the media, SNS, etc. that you are managing
運営しているメディア、SNSなどのURLを教えてください / 관리하고있는 미디어, SNS 등의 URL을 알려주십시오. / 请告诉我您正在管理的媒体,SNS等的URL
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What kind of business is related to cryptocurrency?
仮想通貨に関わるどのような事業をしていますか? / 어떤 종류의 사업이 가상 화폐와 관련이 있습니까? / 什么样的业务与虚拟货币有关?
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Number of followers *
フォロワー数/팔로워 수/粉丝数量
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SNS group for institution partner *
機関パートナー向けSNSグループ / 기관 파트너를위한 SNS 그룹 / SNS小组为机构合作伙伴
Are you CROSS token(VXCR) holder? *
あなたはCROSS token(VXCR)の保有者ですか? / CROSS token (VXCR)의 소유자입니까? / 您是CROSS令牌(VXCR)的所有者吗?
Institution partner details *
CROSS exchange機関パートナーについて / CROSS exchange 기관 파트너 정보 / 关于CROSS exchange机构合作伙伴
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