Serve Weekend 2018
Serve Weekend is on July 27-28
Students have the option of serving on two mission sites here in Paducah. One is a backyard Bible school at Highland Terrace and the other is light construction/painting.
The cost is $25 to participate and payment must be made to the office and be sure to mark your payment as "Serve."
The deadline to sign up is July 25.
Students will arrive at the church at 9am on July 27 and will need to be picked up at 4pm. The same goes for July 28.
Students must abide by dress code. Girls must wear shorts finger tip length and no tank tops are allowed. They must wear t-shirts. Guys must t-shirts and the sleeves must not be cut out of them.
Students will need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray.
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Please read and select either accept or decline: The Student Ministry at 12 Oaks Baptist Church is very excited about offering wholesome events and activities in which students can grow spiritually, strengthen fellowship with peers and adults, and also have a great time in a safe environment. In order to accomplish these things we must require a standard of behavior. This covenant must be signed before you can go on this trip. Please read carefully! I will maintain the highest moral standards and maintain a clear personal witness through proper conduct and moral dress. I will not drink alcoholic beverages, smoke a cigarette(s) or cigar, chew or dip any form of tobacco. I will not use any type of illegal drugs. I will not engage in offensive language, off-color jokes, slander, gossip, etc. (Eph. 4:29)I will listen only to God-honoring music. (If you are uncertain, please ask Jason.) I will not view any inappropriate pictures, images, or literature. I will not engage in any public displays of affection. I will be on time for every activity we participate in. I will not get out of my room after lights out. If I have an emergency, I am to let my assigned leader know first.I will display a servant’s attitude toward my peers, and the adult leadership (helping your peers with luggage, where to go, etc.). I will help keep the vehicles and my room clean and free from trash. This trip is sponsored by 12 Oaks Baptist Church and the vehicles we are using have the name of the church clearly written on the sides of vehicles. We believe it is vitally important to present a clear testimony for Jesus Christ to the persons in other vehicles, gas stations, restaurants, and every other place we go. I will respect property, privacy and rights of those in our group and those not with our group. I will not litter. I will be courteous and mannerly. I will obey the rules, and submit to the authorities of 12 Oaks Baptist Church, volunteer adult leaders, and all other authorities placed in a position over me. I have read and I agree with all the above. I understand that I will be warned if I do not abide by the conditions of this signed covenant, and in some cases be asked to go home at the expense of myself or my parents or guardian. *
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