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Thank you for your interest in Heart. Papers. Border. - an optimistic strategy game about travelling, freedom and changing the world!
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You are requesting a Heart. Papers. Border. Development Key
We are distributing a limited number of Steam keys that grant access to our development branch of Heart. Papers. Border. on Steam. The game you get access to is a work in progress and has a lot of features and assets under development and sometimes, game breaking bugs.

The reason we are distributing these keys is because we want to test our progress as early as possible and also to get your feedback. Sometimes, when you develop a game, you can add or tweak features that you think will help your players, but instead annoys them. We need you to be our unbiased eyes.

That is why we ask you for a few details before granting you your Heart. Papers. Border. development key. We need to know a little about you, as you will be helping us test the game and report the bugs you find as well as your feedback.

Any details that you provide about yourself will be used exclusively by Sebastian and Laura Bularca to improve the game and will never, ever be shared with anyone else.


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Please tell us a little bit about yourself, so we can better understand the people we are developing Heart. Papers. Border. for
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We will send you your key on the e-mail you use to fill in this survey. If you rather have the key sent to a different mail, please write here.
The Heart. Papers. Border. development keys are LIMITED!
You might not get one in the first batch. We want to give as many keys are possible but we can only handle a limited amount of feedback, because we are such a small team. Please don't be sad if you do not get a key!
The keys will be revoked once the game is released in Early Access.
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