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Thank you for filling this out. It really helps us out a lot. If you RSVP for a certain time, and can no longer make it, or are running late, there is no need to call to let us know. This just helps us gauge the flow of people so we can accommodate everyone better. :) Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for RSVPing for registration (SUNDAY, AUGUST 4, 2019) -- we look forward to seeing you! :) If you come in during a different time than you RSVP’d for, no worries! Just come anytime between 12-6pm.

If you previously created an email at, YOUR ACCOUNT MAY CURRENTLY BE INACTIVE. PLEASE LOG IN TODAY (if possible). Once you update the information on your profile, your account will reactivate.

If you have not completed a profile at, please go to and create one now.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Virgo Talent

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Do you understand that you should wear any colored top that won't blend with a white background? *
Talent can wear a colored top instead of just black. Richer and vibrant colors show up better against a white background. :)
What time do you expect to come to registration? *
All talent will be seen first come, first served. This is not an exact appointment time.
Do you agree to not show up to the space before noon?
This is very important to the people who own the space. If you show up to the space before noon, we will take down your name and not register you at any point during the day. Unfortunately, people did not respect this in the past and we have to make sure it doesn't happen again. Thanks for understanding!
Do you agree to not call the space for any reason?
If you have any questions, please write us an email at or SMS us at 213-537-4214. We will be manning email and SMS all day of the registration. We will not register talent who call the space and have displayed that they cannot follow instructions. Thanks for your understanding on that as well!
Do you understand that you must be 18 years or older to currently register with Virgo Talent? *
Unfortunately, we cannot accept minors at this current registration. :(
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