EMULSIVE Santa 2018 registration
IMPORTANT: Please read and understand this entire page before proceeding!

EMULSIVE Santa 2017 was a massive success, with over 780 players in nearly 50 countries. If you played last year and were a good Santa, thank you very much indeed.

EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 continues the use of a dual-registration system created in 2017 to offer better protection against players who no-show - those who signed up but never sent a gift (Bad Santas). With the help of this system we reduced our Bad Santa rate to a little over 2% - that's ~15 players from over 780 players and no mean feat.

All this to say that if you want to join in with this year's event and have not played before or received a preregistration invite, we need you to complete this form in order to register.

Once you have submitted your sign-up request, you will be shown an invite link to the main EMULSIVE Santa 2018 group on Elfster. the link appears on the final page of this form.

The details you enter here will only be used for the purposes of inviting you to join this year's event. You will still need to register directly on Elfster to take part.

Hit "NEXT" to continue.

~ EM

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