Pokemon GBA ROM Hack Ranking
Please rate as many of the following ROM hacks as possible. Feel free to miss any out.
Rate Each Hack From 1 to 10 (1 - worst, 10 - best)
Please don't be put off by the number of hacks, I just wanted to be thorough. If you don't feel well informed on some/many of the hacks, FEEL FREE TO SKIP THEM. They are in alphabetical order if you wish to find a particular hack.
Pokemon (Old) White
Pokemon Adamantite
Pokemon Advanced Adventure
Pokemon Ambar
Pokemon Aqua
Pokemon Arcoiris
Pokemon Armageddon
Pokemon Ash Gray
Pokemon: Ash’s Quest
Pokemon Aspera
Pokemon Azure Horizons
Pokemon Black Orb
Pokemon Blue Sea Edition
Pokemon Cataclysm
Pokemon Celebi’s Return
Pokemon Chaos Black
Pokemon Cobalt
Pokemon Crazy Vie
Pokemon Crimson
Pokemon Crono
Pokemon Crystal Shards
Pokemon CrystalDust
Pokemon Dark Begin
Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina
Pokemon Dark Energy
Pokemon Dark Rising
Pokemon Dark Rising 2
Pokemon DarkBlue
Pokemon DarkJasper
Pokemon Dimension Legends
Pokemon Dragon World
Pokemon Dragonstone
Pokemon Elite Quest
Pokemon Eruption
Pokemon Extra
Pokemon Flora Sky
Pokemon Frigo Returns
Pokemon Frosty
Pokemon Fuligin
Pokemon Gaia
Pokemon Galaxy Elements
Pokemon Genesis
Pokemon Glazed
Pokemon Hack
Pokemon Heaven
Pokemon Heroes
Pokemon Hyetology
Pokemon Identity
Pokemon Infernal Legend
Pokemon Keyra
Pokemon Legend of Fenju
Pokemon Legends
Pokemon Light Platinum
Pokemon Lightning Yellow
Pokemon Lilac
Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Pokemon Liquid Ocean
Pokemon Marble
Pokemon Mitic Island
Pokemon Morganite
Pokemon Mystical
Pokemon Mythic Legends
Pokemon Naranja
Pokemon Nemesis
Pokemon Never Black & White
Pokemon Omega
Pokemon Orchid
Pokemon Oro Sole
Pokemon Palladium
Pokemon Perla
Pokemon Psychic
Pokemon Pure Gold
Pokemon Quartz
Pokemon Rebirth
Pokemon Resolute
Pokemon rijonAdventures
Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Life of Guardians
Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Reign Of Legends
Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Rescue Rangers
Pokemon Saga DarkViolet
Pokemon Sako