Nash Community College Board of Trustees Application Form
Thank you for your interest in representing Nash County Public School’s Board of Education on the Nash Community College’s Board of Trustees.  Please use this form to provide as much l information about yourself  as possible. This information will support the BOE’s effort to ensure that the representative’s  talents and experiences will best serve the needs of NCPS’ Board of Education.
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What would you like to achieve for yourself out of your participation on the Board (e.g. what types of experiences, skills to develop, interests to cultivate for you, etc.)? *
If you are selected, do you agree that you will provide at least a yearly report to the NCPS’s BOE of your activities on the NCC Board of Trustees.  Will you also affirm that you do not have any conflict-of-interest in participating on the NCPS system or the NCC Board of Trustees *
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If you are not selected, or if you decide not to join, would you like to be a volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests? *
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