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LEASH strives to create an event and space which supports a positive consent culture and respect for all people. This includes checking reference through a variety of contacts for presenters, co-presenters and tying teams. We look forward to having a fantastic education experience for all participants.
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Place your bio here. This will be published in the LEASH Weekend 2020 program and on the LEASH Weekend Fet Page.
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Please provide us with at least 3 references of people who have worked with you as a presenter (they can include event producers, co-presenters and attendees).
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Do you have experiences to disclose where you have caused harm (intentionally or unintentionally), including consent incidents/violations, risk negligent actions (intentional or unintentional) and/or bigoted, -ism based behaviors? *
If you answer "Yes", it will not serve as an immediate disqualification. It will prompt a discussion with you to elaborate on the circumstances of the situation for clarification and evaluation. Responses will be accessible to the LEASH admin team, only.
Describe Harm/Consent/Risk/Bigoted/-ism incident. *
If you answered "No" above, put "N/A" in the space below. If you answered "Yes" above, please provide details and any information you believe is helpful in evaluating this incident. If you have consent to provide names and contact information of those involved, please do so. Also include if you have been suspended, banned or received any disciplinary action from a club or event because of your actions described below.
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What is your preferred number of classes to teach? (our preferred amount is 3 classes) *
Please include class names & descriptions. *
Add class name and descriptions. These will be added to the event program and website for LEASH 2020.
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What are your equipment needs for your classes, if any? *
Your classroom will be setup with chairs for your students to sit in. Do you need BDSM equipment? Do you need water to waterboard with? Do you need a pagoda to do rope work? Be specific in what your class requires to help you teach it.
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I agree that LEASH Weekend Admin Team may check my references. *
I attest that I am not required to register on any sex offender registry, in any state. *
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