Nonprofit Technology Self-Assessment

    Purpose and Process

    The purpose of this assessment is to help guide nonprofit leaders to better understand the areas within their organizations that are most in need of, or may most benefit from, technology investments or improved use of technology. This assessment tool is structured to help identify opportunities for improvement in the current use of technology for both an organization’s internal administrative functions as well as service delivery functions.

    How should you take this assessment?

    We encourage you to take this questionnaire together as a team, with a minimum of the Executive Director and lead IT person participating. The conversation and discussion around each question will help to provide the maximum value for your organization. HELP US IMPROVE THE PROCESS: As you go through the assessment, take note of additional information you may need or areas where you feel the assessment should be amended. There will be an area for providing that feedback at the conclusion of the assessment.

    Primary assessment sections:

    1. Organizational Technology Strategy 2. Information Systems & Communication 3. Security & Continuity


    For the purpose of this assessment, “Information Technology” and “Technology” should be defined as broad and encompassing the following: hardware (computers, servers, mobile devices, desk phones, printers, etc.), software (financial, data collection tools, donor management, mobile applications, digital file management, etc.), communications (websites, social media platforms, etc.), and services (cloud services, online platforms, internet providers, hosting services, etc.).