Watch Ya' Mouth Phrase Ideas
Good with words? Want to see your ideas in the game? Let us know!

On a high level, words containing "B, F, M, P, V, and often "W"" are hard to say. Phrases that make even a little sense are better than just pairing random words together. If we like your idea, rest assured it'll get turned into a game card!

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Phrase Ideas: Go nuts! (As many as you want, 1 per line is nice, NSFW are welcome!)
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Just so we're clear:
By submitting these ideas, you understand that you are NOT getting compensated for this in any way, other than the awesome feeling of seeing your phrase on a card and watching your friends make fools of themselves trying to say it.

You also affirm that you are submitting these phrases on your behalf and under your own will, and not on behalf of someone else or using their name without their permission.

Also we gotta say this legalese: Usually short phrases aren't copyrighted, but if yours is, you're assigning that copyright to Skyler Innovations by submitting your phrase via this form.

Enough disclosures already. Let's see what you have!

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