2017 Hospice & End of Life Care Awards
This is your opportunity to recognize dedicated and caring people - the ones who set the pace in providing care at the end of life. Our profession is full of them and we would like you to tell us who they are! Who do you respect and admire in the world of end of life care? Who deserves to be recognized in 2017 for their commitment to our field, the results they achieve, or their sense of humor that brightens the day?

The Carolinas Center (TCC) presents annual awards as one way to champion excellence in hospice and end of life care. We are pleased each year to recognize extraordinary services performed by exceptional people nominated by their peers. Any staff member or volunteer with a local hospice that is a member of TCC may submit nominees for any award.

Help us in recognizing the most talented and committed hospice professionals and volunteers in the Carolinas. Submit your nomination(s) then JOIN us at the 41st Annual Hospice & Palliative Care Conference on September 11, 2017 in Asheville, NC to salute the winners!


2017 Awards & Criteria
~ Peter Keese Leadership Award (NC): In December 1976, Mr. Keese and others interested in hospice held a conference in Chapel Hill to explore the interest in establishing a hospice program in North Carolina. Hospice of North Carolina was formed. He was the 1st recipient of the leadership award.

~ Tamra West Leadership Award (SC): Mrs. West was TCC's South Carolina Program Director for over 11 years. She was recognized as a hospice leader in South Carolina and was a true leader for TCC. The recipient of this award will be someone who works to form strategic partnerships with others entities in the community, a fierce leader and a strong advocate - all the characteristics that Mrs. West possessed.

Nominees for each Leadership Award must:
• Have devoted significant time to promoting hospice care
• Have vision and be forward thinking
• Have been involved in hospice care throughout NC or SC
• Be involved in fostering relationships with strategic partners

~ Sharon O. Dixon Clinical Excellence Award (NC): Mrs. Dixon was the driving force for the incorporation of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region. Her passion for end-of-life care was second to none; she was a tireless advocate for the hospice industry as a whole. She was so revered for her clinical excellence and the great strides she made during her career that in 1997, we created this award. She was the very 1st recipient.

~ Palmetto Clinical Excellence Award (SC): This award is very similar to the Sharon O. Dixon award. We want to honor the clinical leaders who manage their team with character and commitment and work to develop innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of patients and staff.

These awards recognize excellent clinical care in a hospice. All disciplines
working in patient and family care are eligible.

Nominees must currently be a hospice clinician and:
• Have demonstrated consistent excellence in clinical
care for at least three years
• Have consistently initiated unique, creative
approaches to patient and family care
• Have demonstrated exceptional commitment to
interdisciplinary teamwork
• Be recognized for contributions to quality patient and family

~ Judith Lund Person Hospice Volunteer Award: Mrs. Person was TCC's Executive Director from 1980-2002. She was a key asset in getting the hospice licensing law established. She was at the helm during much of the growth of the industry and was involved in hospice work on a national level from the beginning.
This award honors extraordinary hospice volunteers. All volunteers are eligible regardless of their role.

Nominees must:
• Currently volunteer with a hospice
• Exemplify the hospice concept
• Have demonstrated exceptional service with hospice
• Have been involved with the same hospice continuously for at
least three years

~ Spirit of Hospice Award: We want to recognize a person who perseveres through those tough days and keeps their team smiling and upbeat with humor and compassion.

Nominees must:
• Use humor effectively, creatively, and compassionately in
their work with hospice
• Have consistently demonstrated the spirit of hospice over time
during all stages of development, teamwork, and/or
personal circumstances

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