SNOWDOWN 2018 Parade Entry Form
Snowdown Light Parade: 6:00 p.m. on Friday February 2nd, 2018
Entry Form and Fees Due Date: Deadline Friday January 26th, 2018
General Float Entry Fee: $65 per application (1 vehicle)
School/Childern Float Fee: $50 per application (1 vehicle)
Mail Entry Fee to: Snowdown Parade P.O. Box 1, Durango CO 81302
For Questions Please Email: Chip 970-749-1816
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The Responsible Person is required to be in attendance on or with entry throughout parade route and is responsible for all actions in the group to assure compliance with all City of Durango ordinances and Snowdown Parade policies. The Responsible Person is also the Primarily Contact for the Snowdown Parade Committee and check-in officials at parade.
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As Responsible Party (Float Captain) for this entry, I hereby agree to take full responsibility for and bear the consequences of the actions of all persons associated with our entry in assuring compliance with all City of Durango ordinances and Snowdown Parade Rules & Regulations. I understand that failure to comply with City of Durango Ordinances or Snowdown Rules and Regulation may result from citations from the City of Durango and/or forfeiture of parade Snowdown Parade participation for current year and future entries.

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