Wiki Master Q2 Project
Dear WikiMaster fans:
We need to get questions to the most searched topics on the Internet.
For those who write 5 questions on a single topic each day that is on the Top 20 that (this) week we will give a bonus.

Here is what you need to do
1. Go to
2. Find a topic that is on the 20 lists.
3. Write five (5) MCQs in WikiMaster app and add a tag to this topic as the Wikipedia article
4.Report in the group
5. When you have written 100 MCQs, like 5 in 20 trending topics - > And had them reviewed and upgraded: You will get 20USD

To make sure a. The quality is good you will get feedback on chat in WikiMaster.
B. The topics are covered: You announce your topic here when you are done with 5 so we fill the holes.
This is unlimited participation only for this group. Some will write about GoT, some about Houston Rockets and some about Zoom etc.
The trends will shift over the weeks ahead.
We can have many Qs in the subjects that people Google on.

We can have this in Nigeria related topics as well. If you like to write 5 questions on what is trending in Nigeria, you do this to IN Google Trends and we will apply the same thereto.

Kindly Take Note,

This is a 3-month Project and if you would not be available don't bother applying.

Good luck!
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