November 2017 Lunch Form
Here is the school lunch menu for November. Let us know if you have any questions.

Mondays: Thai Noodle Etc.
Tuesdays: Ohana's Entree
Wednesdays: Ohana's Entree
Thursdays: Subway Sandwiches
Fridays: Pizzicato Pizza

Please remember to bring in a reusable container that your child can open and close as well as utensil. The container should have at least 2 compartments or bring 1 large and 1 small container for the entrée and side of fruit/vegetable. If you have ordered food/milk for the day and your child comes to school without containers, he/she will be provided one and you will be billed $4.00 for the lunch container.

*All of the entrees are prepared off-site at several different restaurants. Please be aware that the restaurants may use peanuts or other allergens in their kitchens. The menu selections offered do not have nuts as an ingredient, however the restaurants do not 100% guarantee that they will not contain traces of nuts. If you have specific questions about the ingredients or the how the restaurants prepare the food please contact them directly.

Our lunch program is made possible by parent volunteers who serve our school food.

REFUND POLICY: we order in advance from each of our vendors. We are not able to adjust orders for late entries, students missing school or unexpected school closures. We still have to pay our vendors for our orders. Therefore, refunds will not be issued nor will we be able to adjust the cost of the lunch if a student misses school for any reason.

Lunch for the entire month will be $67.

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Please make your lunch choices
If you want lunch every day of the month, please make a lunch choice for EVERY day of the week.

If you want lunch only certain days of the week (cost listed below), please make your choice for those days and pick "None" for the rest.

Mondays (Cost: $18.60)
Thai Noodle Etc.'s Wok-fried fresh string beans sautéed with chicken or tofu in a special soy based sauce, over white rice. Served with a side of fresh fruit and veggies.
Tuesdays (Cost: $18.60)
Ohana's Chicken or Cheese Quesadillas (made with whole wheat tortillas). Served with a side of fresh fruit and veggies.
Wednesdays (Cost $13.95)
Ohana's BBQ chicken or Teriyaki Tofu with rice. Served with a side of fresh fruit and veggies.
Thursdays (Cost $13.95)
6" Subway Sandwich-Whole wheat bread with ham & turkey (meatless available), American cheese and lettuce. Optional condiments served separately include-tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, mustard and mayo. Served with a side of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.
Fridays (Cost: $4.65)
Pizzicato Pizza-Cheese pizza on a whole wheat crust. Served with a side of fresh fruit and veggies.
Food Allergies
Does your child have any food allergies? If so, please list them.
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Payment Method
Lunch for the month is $67 otherwise, add your selected days together for a total.
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