Youth Assembly Official Oath of Commitment (Candidate Verification) Form
*Please fill out this form and click submit to turn it in to the State YMCA Headquarters. You should also make sure that you, your school, parents, and Advisors, go ahead and mark the dates down for your training/conference times now and begin making sure transportation approval/field trip approval is in the works. Students by signing this commitment form, you acknowledge that IMPACT, District Convention, JYA, YA(the conference your school will attend), and the training days before the conferences will take precedent over any sporting event, music event, senior night, ACT/SAT testing, college visits, proms, Spring Break, etc. If you choose to miss the training/prep days before the conference or leave during the conference, the State YMCA reserves the right to remove you from your leadership position. If you have further questions, please contact your District Director.
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Officers should plan (expected, not optional) on attending every State YMCA of Georgia/GCCE Conference: It is required that those choosing to get involved as an officer, also participate in Georgia Youth Leadership Summit(formerly Washington Seminar) 2019, IMPACT 2019(YA Officers Training Retreat), District Convention 2019, Junior Youth Assembly 2019 (if position requires), Youth Assembly 2019 (that your school chooses to attend), Georgia United Nations Assembly 2018, and any other District or State sponsored activity (this may include planning meetings, district/state council meetings, etc.) Do you commit to all required functions? *Please note, should you choose no, you may be removed from your position. *
All boxes should be checked to indicate commitment, but please check the box of each conference you commit to attend. Not all officials will attend JYA, please check with your District Director to make sure. *
Officials/Candidates Pledge: I understand the commitment I am making/made by running for Youth Assembly Office. I have carefully reviewed the information provided. I have considered the dates of Conferences and events that I am expected to attend and realize that other dates may not have been finalized but the expectation remains. I pledge, whether elected or not, to be a leader in my local school and strive to exemplify high standards through my leadership, service, and daily life. This includes but it not limited to, appropriate dress, words I use, respect for parents and educators. I commit to maintaining good grades and striving to be an example befitting a Youth Assembly Official. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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