Chinatown Beautification Day 2019 Staff Application
The 16th Annual Chinatown Beautification Day (CBD) and Youth Conference is a weekend for high school students to explore leadership and community. The Youth Conference is a full day of workshop opportunity focused on leadership, community involvement, environmental awareness and more, where high school students are encouraged to get involved with their own communities and given the tools necessary to create change. The following day provides an opportunity for more than 200 student volunteers to show their passion and commitment to the community, team up, and clean the streets of Chinatown.

How to Apply:
-> Complete the questionnaire in the next page
-> Send a simple resume to
-> Complete by Sunday, March 3rd at 11:59 PM

General Qualifications:
- Commitment to the mission and goals of Chinatown Youth Initiatives.
- High school/college experience.
- Familiarity with Chinatown.
- Commitment to youth leadership development, education, Asian American issues, and/or nonprofit work.
- Strong project management, public speaking, facilitation, and/or organizational skills.
- Willingness to work in a start-up environment and availability to put in long hours aswork demands.

Available Positions and Responsibilities Are...

Events Coordinator
- Coordinate a mid-summer fundraising event
- Find speakers, performers, and catering for both days.
- Should have experience planning community, school, or club events.

Conference Workshop Coordinator
- Enlist workshop facilitators for conference.
- Create workshops submissions forms
- Troubleshoot technical difficulties for workshop facilities during conference time
- Facilitation experience is a plus!

Organizational Coordinator
- Document all meetings and important internal email communications and delegate tasks to team
- Archive all above documents for reference and future use
- Logistical support for both Youth Conference and Clean Up Day
- High attention to detail and superb notetaking is a plus!

Treasurer/Fundraising Coordinator
- Plan and Implement Fundraising Plan
- Has experience with budgeting and finances
- Contact past and new sponsors for funding.
- Experience with budgeting and finances is a plus

Public Relations Coordinator
- Outreach to high school students for youth conference.
- Appear at CYI-related events to pitch CBD
- Communicate with the press about CBD with assistance of Board and Program Advisor
- Outreach experience is a plus

All Staff Are Expected To:
-Maintain active and consistent communication with coordinators, advisor, and board.
-Attend all staff meetings, retreats, trainings and workshops, in addition to special events.

We welcome questions! If you have any questions or concerns about the application/positions, please contact David Ye at

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