Brouhaha New Name Brainstorming
Thank you for helping the ERM Welcoming Committee consider new names for the ERM Brouhaha event. Please enter any and all name suggestions you have below. Any and all questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to Welcoming Committee Members Justin Major ( and Nadia Kellam (

We are looking for a name that:
1) Does not infer the Brouhaha is a "party, but still sounds celebratory". Several community members have reported their travel offices will not let them pay to attend using university dollars due to the name. However, we still want the event name to reflect the events purpose in celebrating a year of accomplishments, including, but not limited to, award of the AFG and Best Paper.
2) Reminds attendees that ERM is a community-driven division of researchers and teaching professionals alike.

If you need ideas to get you started, you can see names other community members have suggested here:

Please enter any and all name suggestions below.
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