Unusual Occurrence Form
This form is designed to report anything that you believe needs to be addressed by SAM leadership. The following are examples, but are NOT all the reason to use this form.

- Any member makes you uncomfortable at any point
- You have COVID symptoms right after a SAM event/hangout with SAM girls, whether official or not (meetings, hangouts, etc)
- You test positive for COVID right after a SAM event/hangout with SAM girls, whether official or not (meetings, hangouts, etc)
- You found out you were exposed to someone who tested for COVID and you were in close proximity with other SAM girls for any period of time after the exposure
- A SAM leader makes you uncomfortable
- Anything you think needs to be addressed
- You are missing events because of COVID exposure
- You have quarantined/tested negative and will be returning to F2F SAM interactions

Once again, you decide if something needs to be addressed. The list above is not exhaustive by any means. An officer will follow up with you to see what we can do to address the issue.

**If this is a COVID related report DO NOT select anonymous. However, all of this information will only be viewed by Erin and the rest of the SAM Exec team, and never beyond that. All information will remain confidential unless necessary to anonymously pass the word along to your SF Leader**
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Would you like to be anonymous? (An officer may still and try and reach out to you if we need to) (Do not select for COVID related reporting) *
Name (If you want to be anonymous, write anonymous).** *
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Date of the incident *
Write a narrative for what happened (The more details you put, the better. Specific names help us. If you are reporting COVID related occurrences, please list the names and the time/date/location of the meetup of any SAM girls you were with) *
Do you have a particular officer that you want to address the issue with? *
Any other comments/concerns you want to share?
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