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On August 25, 2020, the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District held a Town Hall to gather community input, as part of the process of creating a Cultural History, Housing and Economic Sustainability Strategies (CHHESS) Report to help guide our organization, and the City of San Francisco, in the coming years.  

The Town Hall covered 6 topics, listed below. We invite you to submit your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on any (or all) these topics.

You need not write full sentences or specifically answer the questions; just briefly write down as many ideas as you like.  Be bold!

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Cultural Heritage Conservation and Sustainability
Preserve and develop cultural and historic buildings, businesses, organizations, traditions, arts, events, & district aesthetics.  What aspects of the Cultural District’s history are most important to highlight? What’s been missing or overlooked? What cultural preservation strategies should we look into?
Tenant Protections and Affordability
Protect tenants from displacement and promote affordable housing & home ownership.  What are your concerns about residential tenant protection and affordability? What tenant protection strategies should we look into?
Arts & Culture
Attract and support artists and cultural enterprises. What does it look like if our neighborhood is actively engaged in arts and culture? What are the ongoing Leather & LGBTQ arts & culture challenges? What are strategies that could address these challenges?
Economic & Workforce Development
Promote jobs, tourism and economic opportunities that stabilize the district's economy. What are the challenges of becoming and staying employed, or of starting and sustaining a Leather or LGBTQ business in SOMA?  What could work in SOMA to strengthen employment and business vitality for our community? In what ways should we promote community businesses in, and attract Leather and LGBTQ people to, the Cultural District?
Land Use and Community Stabilization
Create City regulations, tools and programs that support businesses & industries that advance our Cultural District. What challenges do community groups face in finding space? What City rules or regulations threaten the sustainability of our organizations and culture? What should building developers and new businesses do to support our community? If we had a storefront space, how should we use it?
Cultural Competency
Promote culturally and appropriate City services, policies, and narratives.  What aspects of our story/culture have been overlooked or under-represented? What city policies adversely affect our community? How can the City show greater sensitivity to our culture and community?
BONUS:  Your thoughts about a Leather Cultural / Community Center
Essential or optional features and functions, practical considerations, potential funding sources, benefits to community, etc.
What have we missed?  
What haven’t we asked?
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