D&D Character Commissions
Bring your characters to life and impress your adventuring party! Show up to your next session with custom, original, personalized character art! Character art serves as a great visual aid for tabletop games, an avatar or backdrop for digital games, and a memento of a beloved campaign for the rest of your years!

Use the form below to provide me with your description. Once we’ve sorted out exactly what you want, I’ll request a down payment via Paypal or E-transfer. Then I’ll get started on your character art!
Turn-around time is approximately one to two weeks. I provide updates and sketches for your revision throughout the creation process
Once complete, you will then receive the image in multiple sizes, ready for print and digital viewing.
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Character Species
For anything not listed, or for variations in ethnicity, type or skin-tone, please include more details in your description below. For non-fantasy species and genres, specify in your description below.
Character Class(es)
Choose all that apply. If your character has multiple classes, but leans towards one particular, or is from a different genre such as Science Fiction, mention that in your description below.
Alignment or Disposition
Clear selection
Compared to others of the same race
Body Type
Physical Description
Scars, markings, tattoes, hairstyle. What famous person(s) does your character resemble? Is your character strong, nimble, differently-abled?
Weapons and Armour
List and/or describe everything you want your character to be carrying. Equipment, magic items, animal companions - you name it.
Backstory and Personality
Give any clues or cues to help inform my drawing. Is your character exuberant, joyful and bubbly? Morose, savage minded or vengeful? What did they do before adventuring? How did they learn to do their thing? Do they have any notable skills, tricks or stories that are relevant to the drawing?
Any other further instructions or descriptions that will help. If you have photos or drawings you'd like me to take inspiration from, please gather them and you can send them to me once we're in contact.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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