Prevent a deadly catastrophe like San Bruno from happening in Ohio
The safety of Ohio families and communities must be a primary consideration in evaluating Duke's Central Corridor Pipeline.
Natural gas pipelines have the potential to explode and cause catastrophic disaster and death, particularly in high consequence areas (HCA's). Pipeline accidents and failures happen regularly, due to inadequate welding, backhoe accidents, poor siting decisions and natural disasters. If a major failure were to occur along the routes being proposed by Duke, results could be deadly and catastrophic.
Therefore, we are asking the Ohio Power Siting Board to:
1. Conduct a thorough, objective assessment of the case presented by Duke and opposing intervenors. Particular emphasis on whether Duke has adequately demonstrated need for a new pipeline and whether their proposed 20"/500 psi pipeline is the most responsible, financially prudent and effective solution to address Duke's stated need.
2. Focus on human safety when considering Duke's application and case. Evaluate all alternatives for meeting Duke’s stated needs with the safety as a primary consideration.
3. Deny Duke's application for the Central Corridor Pipeline proposed to go through high consequence areas of Hamilton County because Duke has not demonstrated a need for a 20"/500 psi pipeline, there are other less costly, less intrusive options for meeting demand and neither Duke nor OPSB Staff have adequately addressed concerns regarding human safety.
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