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Thanks for your interest in being a part of our Philippine stores.

Frankie & Friends is an intentional marketplace for a conscious and holistic lifestyle. We advocate for local brands that support slow fashion, sustainable self-care, and small batch finds.

For your reference, our Curation Guidelines include but are not limited to:
- Small Batch Local Finds (Made or designed locally)
- Slow, Ethical, and Sustainable Pieces
- Creations by Independent Makers (Backed with story and intention)
- Using Fair Trade Practices in the Creation of Products (Supporting a local community)
- Creates Livelihood Opportunities or Support an Advocacy or Cause
- Supports a Circular Economy (Recycling or Upcycling)

Kindly fill out the form below so we can learn more about your products. For any questions or concerns please send us an email at

Frankie & Friends Brand Team
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